Carlos Calderon has served as a lead artist for Water Warriors since its inception in 2019.  However, his team has suffered many defeats due to sinking boats and bad ropes, etc.  Yet, they have continued to fight hard for this coveted title.  On Saturday, April 6 at Memorial Park.  Carlos led his team to victory!  Not only did they win the race, but they also secured first place for their chant and for trash toss.  This year the theme was military and Carlos was leading the Yellow Navy Team.  His environmental partner this year was the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency and his sports partner was the Nashville Soccer Club.

Nipping at Carlos’ heels was Brooke Hammond with her blue Coast Guard team.  This team would pull ahead and then fall behind.  It was truly a race to the finish.  However, this team did secure the 1st place title for best conservation message and 1st place for their flag.  The environmental partner was the US Coast Guard and her sports partner was the Nashville Predators.

Monica Leister led the Red Marines.  Truly this Water Warriors was close competition in every way for every event.  She led her team to win 1st place for most Creative Ship.  Her environmental partner was the Tennessee Scenic Rivers Association and her sports partner was the Nashville Sounds.

An opening ceremony was added this year which involved a bugler, presentation of colors and a parade by Hendersonville Cub Scout Pack 75.

In addition, the 3 schools that participated in the Estelle Condra Residencies made boats during their visual arts residency.  Union Elementary of Gallatin took home the prize for the race of the boats made by the schools.

This program is supported by First Horizon Bank, Wilson County Bank and Anthony and Lori Crues. Special thanks to Middle Tennessee State University students for serving as team members and volunteers and to Kris Crawford for being our kayak helper.