Borderless Arts was contacted by Wendover Art Group. Wendover Art Group is working on a project and they are in the process of commissioning some of our artists to create art for this project.

The company was impressed with the work from our participants and invited them to come and tour their facilities in Florida as well as speak to their artist representatives to learn more about what it takes to become a regular “Wendover Artist”. This is an amazing opportunity towards the career goals of our Teapot Diplomat artists. This has been the goal Borderless Arts, and the supporters of the Teapot Diplomats Mark and Niki Antonini, have had for this program. The group will visit with Wendover this Friday!

Here is what Wendover has to say about their company:

“We domestically manufacture hand-crafted, unique, high-end quality art to suit all budgets, styles and spaces. We have exclusive artists from around the world so our customers, retailers and designers of commercial and residential spaces have access to the art they need at an excellent price for any project. Our state-of-the-art facilities are built specifically to allow us to manage the creation of art. We design the art. We make the art. Our team of impeccably trained design professionals and technically trained in-house studio artisans stay in front of art and design trends. We work with established and new artists from around the world.”