On the morning that we visited the cemetery it was gloomy, cold and drizzling rain. However, it fit the somber tone of this location. The group was provided insights into the art on the walls inside the monument and the artists who created them. After an explanation of the art, the group walked into the cemetery.

This cemetery is often used as a holding ground for those have not been able to be transported to their home or identified. They conduct research and unite families to their loved ones. It was a fascinating story of a most unique place. It is unlike any other cemetery in the world.

Thank you to the Borderless Arts Tennessee board who approved this project.

A huge thank you to several individuals who provided funding support to make this incredible experience possible.

Robbie Ammons (Board member)
Tony Brown
Veronica Crook
Penley Produce Vacation Homes https://www.happyguidetoashortlife.com/2023/04/penley-produce/

Public Consulting Group
Robert Rhinehart
Alicia Stewart

We can never thank you enough!