After 315 votes, Borderless Arts TN has a Fan Favorite winner for the Young Soloist competition which is Caleb Wilson.

Caleb Wilson was born four months premature in the summer of 2002 and weighed a little over one pound. He has been a fighter for as long as he has been alive. Caleb is deaf-blind as well as being diagnosed with autism. He wears a cochlear implant, hearing aid, and prosthetic eye. He attends the TN School for the Blind.

Even before he could walk, he had a love for all things music. His favorite instrument is the piano, and he enjoys all musical genres. For much of his life, he taught himself how to play the piano but over the past several years he has been taking lessons, which has allowed him to refine his technique. To Caleb, music is the single best way he has to connect with others in his life.

Caleb will be recognized on May 1 at the Grand Ole Opry House with the other Young Soloist winners. Congrats Caleb!